expresiones idiomáticas con colores

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  1. gata_salvaje New Member

    Estoy una estudiante y necesito una ayuda para mi examen ;)
    Necesito expresiones idiomaticas con colores en espanol .
    Alguien podria ayudarme y escribir algo? :)
    Talvez hay algun site online? :)
  2. ILT

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    México - Español/Castellano
    Hola gata salvaje:

    Bienvenida al foro. Nuestra regla 18 establece lo siguiente:

  3. gata_salvaje New Member

    Hola "I love translating".
    I also love translating. Y por favor no borres mi mensajes, porque yo no necesito "free schoolwork". I only need some hints.
  4. micafe

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    Spanish - Colombia
    Tu español es muy bueno, por eso me extraña que hayas escrito "Estoy una estudiante".

    ;) :)
  5. lforestier

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    Just one.
    Soy un viejo verde.
  6. JB

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    English (AE)
    Here is a hint. If you know the names of colors in Spanish, open a large, hardcover, English-Spanish Dictionary, or better yet, just a hardcover Spanish only dictionary (if you don't have one, visit a large library) look up, for example, "Azul" and you will find, along with the definition, expressions using "azul".
    Then, if you have some specific questions, a particular expression does not seem to make sense to you, or whatever, ask that question.
  7. whattheflock Banned

    Inglesito, US of A
    Or, since you're here already, just go to the WordReference dictionary section and enter names of colors at random. Then, after reading translations and definitions, you can read the compound forms. And after that, at the bottom, there are links to other posts in the forums.
    Also, at the top, next to the word itself, there's a link that says "in context". That helps sometimes.
    Here's an example of the word "blue".

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