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    I am having trouble with how the phrase, "expressed out the milk" might be used. I know about milk being "expressed" as to store for a later use, but I'm thinking it could be more related to substances that can cross into the breast milk. For example, when mothers are advised not to take certain drugs post-partum because it can contaminate the breast milk.

    What would be an appropriate translation?

    I apologize I do not have more context, if I did, I think I'd understand better myself. Thanks in advance.
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    It doesn't matter whether there is any drug or substance involved or not. It just means to squeeze out. In Spanish we use the verb "exprimir."
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    Okay, thank you Sergio11.

    Your help is appreciated.
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    The original is a little weird to me - and gramatically incorrect. "Expressed the milk" would be sufficient for the first situation you describe, and "expressed in the milk" would be a way of phrasing the second." Although maybe not as literal, in my setting (working with laypeople in a Texas neonatal ICU) I usually hear extraer rather than exprimir​, at least in the first case.
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    Spanish (lunfardo)
    Sí, es cierto. Nunca oí a alguien que se refiriera a la leche con el verbo "exprimir." Me enfrasqué con la traducción literal de la palabra, sin pensar en el contexto. Es como dice Eric: se dice "extraer la leche."

    Perdóname la confusión.

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