Expressing an idea with the verb phrase "take a liking for” + probability + causative + immediacy

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Hello All,

I am translating a text and I am not sure how to express a complex idea, which should express probability, contains a causative structure, and includes a verb phrase with the meaning: "to take a liking for". I am also not completely sure whether I can use the adjective "immediate" here with the noun "liking", however expressing immediacy would also be important.
If there is anyone who can help me, I would really appreaciate it.
Thanks in advance.

I came to a solution as follows, I inlude the first part of the sentence, too, providing context:

Take a look at our galleries with plenty of pictures of the hunting lodge, of everyday life, of hunting and of the amazing areas nearby; all these are sure to make you feel an immediate liking for spending a fantastic hunt with us.
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