expressing suggestion

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  • cuchuflete

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    Hello jancho,

    Your question is unclear. Would you like to is usually a polite, gentle way of asking if a person either wants to do something or is willing to do it. It may also be used to suggest that the person ought to do something.

    We need, as always, context.


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    You are at home and everything gets boring. Using what means could you suggest doing something? Like going to the cinema, going for a walk...


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    Ewie suggests very nicely-spoken examples.

    A normal, average American would be to-the-point direct:

    "I'm bored. Let's ..."

    a. " something."
    b. "...go for a walk."
    c. "...go someplace."
    d. "...take a drive."
    c. "...see/catch a movie."

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