expression about "being selfish"

Discussion in 'English Only' started by ESC85, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. ESC85

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    I wonder if there's any similar expression or cliche about "being selfish".

    In my country, we say "that person is selfish to the marrow.", which depict an out-and-out selfish person.

    What do you say when referring to that selfish person? - using any word regarding "bone or body".
  2. Glenfarclas Senior Member

    English (American)
    "To the bone" is probably the expression you want; it means "completely, through-and-through." We use it with other traits in addition to selfishness, of course.
  3. PaulQ

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    Strangely, English also has the concept to "to the marrow" "After an hour on the mountain, we were chilled to the marrow." which, I supposed to be one stage further than the more common, "to the bone" (NB singular 'bone')

    There is wider usage (may be not from native speakers) at The use seems natural and is entirely understandable. marrow also gives a very similar example to your Korean saying. So all in all, I would say that "that person is selfish to the marrow." is idiomatic in English.
  4. ESC85

    ESC85 Senior Member

    I googled and found out there are;

    25,000 results for "selfish to the bone"

    but, 1,870 results for "selfish to the marrow".

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