Expression for a man in a certain sexual relationship

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    I have been thinking for a while what could be a right word in a following situation:

    There is a relationship between a man and a girl or a woman. The female is younger and usually sexually less expirienced than the male. We could say that he is a kind of teatcher for her in a sense of sexual behavior.

    The word I'm trying to find is a kind of name for the male used either between the two, or someone else somehow involving the scene (his friend etc.). In Finnish (my mother language) one could use the word "uncle" but I doubt it can be used in English. I need to add that the word I'm trying to find is not a negative way to describe the male.

    The relaionship could also be seen like a some kind of role-playing, where the participants are using the word in a third person when talking about male. Like as follows:

    F: "Is there something [the word in third person] likes me to do?"
    M: "[The word in third person] definitely wants his bunny to behave stricly and polite."

    I hope I got my question pointed out clear enough. :)
  2. ewie

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    Hi 1+2 and welcome to the forum:)
    Yes, I understand your question perfectly:thumbsup: The word I would use in the circumstances of the role play is Daddy.
    Other people may have different ideas, though.
  3. 1plus2 New Member

    Hi ewie and thanks. I had thought word sugar daddy, but that didn't quite match. Plain Daddy was too obvious, I think. I would still like to hear some other possibilities, if there are any.

    And this forum is great. It's shame I haven't found it earlier; for a student like me this seems to be a great resource. :)
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    Hi 1plus2

    I agree with ewie about using Daddy for the role play. But I can't think of a term the man's friend might use to describe him....:(

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