Expression: He has a resolute voice.

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    Hello everyone!!!

    I’m looking for an expression can be used in a certain situation as below.

    I was in the English class and we were doing quiz. I didn’t remember what the original question was.

    So let’s say the answer of the question is “apple”.

    A student tried to guess and say “bana….” Just then a teacher said “No” when the student did not even finish the word.

    So the student tried other answer, saying “toma…” and the teacher again cut her off in the middle of her saying.

    While I was looking at the situation, I wanted to say something to teacher or just in this situation to make fun of him or make the atmosphere bright, saying something like “(to students) Wow, I guess he has a really resolute voice. Right?”, “hey, you are very straight forward. She might cry later lol (to the teacher).

    I’m not sure what kind of expression native usually can speak in this situation. It could be really various depending on a person.

    For your understanding, I would like to give one more situation.

    Let’s say Jenny and Tom are in the same school. Jenny is not interested in Tom at all but Tom is. Following is text message between the two.

    Tom: Hi, it’s me. Civil War are playing on the theater. Let’s go to see a movie.

    Jenny: Sorry I already watched.

    Tom: Really? Or how about romantic comedy?

    Jenny: I don’t like the kind of movie.

    Tom: Oh… okay. Anyway, are you free tonight? We can find other things to do when we meet.

    Jenny: I already have a plan with my friend tonight.

    Tom: How about tomorrow?

    Jenny: I have to visit my uncle.

    Tom: the day after tomorrow…?

    Jenny: I will be busy.

    Tom: Okay then. When are you free?

    Jenny: I may be busy forever.

    When you look at those text massage what would you think? That situation is so funny to me. She did not say “No” directly but refused every time he asked. I would say she has so resolute voice to him or she is so straight forward something like that.

    In conclusion, I am just wondering if there is an certain expression in those two situation in English. Because Korean has one. So I’m just curious. I really appreciate if anybody could share any opinions for the expression . Thanks in advance! J
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    In your first example, the student is being persistent. From the WR dictionary:

    In your second example, Tom is being persistent, Jenny is turning him down. From the WR dictionary:

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    Another option might be 'determined'.

    The student/Tom was determined, wasn't he?


    of unwavering mind; resolute; firm
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