Expression "Hic-at-nunc" [ hic et nunc ]

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  1. MarieC. New Member

    Hello to everyone, I have to give a talk about pragmatics and translation, and I don't understand the meaning of the following sentence :

    " "overtly"(as in oral hic-at-nunc interactions)"

    Thanks for your help, it's urgent !

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    Welcome to the forum, Marie.

    Unfortunately, I've never heard the expression, but apparently Merriam Webster has. See HERE.

    Etymology: Latin
    : here and now
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  3. Nunty

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    This is a Latin expression used in English. It should be spelled hic et nunc (note the spelling of et) and it means "here and now" or "on-the-spot".
  4. MarieC. New Member

    Ok ! Thanks a lot, finally I found it just 10min ago ! But, that's my first post on Wordreference, so thanks =)
  5. Nunty

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    Oh my, yes! It is your first post and I didn't even welcome you. I'm sorry.

    Welcome to WordReference, MarieC. We're glad you're here and I'm looking forward to more of your posts. :)
  6. MarieC. New Member

    Yeah don't worry ! I'm using wordreference for a while, but I've decided asking some help if I really need it !
    See you !

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