expression of regret because an unwanted situation arose


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1. Let's say your class ends at 3:00 PM and instead of going straight home, you decided to go to the library and stay there until 4:00 PM. Then, at 3:30 PM, it rains very hard which will last until 5:00 PM. You are now forced to stay in the library until the rain stops. In that situation, I want to know the natural English expression to say. Let me try:

Gosh! I should have gone home at 5:00. (What's next?)

2. Your school offers a scholarship abroad every year and you decide to put it off after five years. In those four years, the requirements were very lax and as many as 10 applicants always got accepted. In the fifth year, when it's time for you to apply, recession came so they would only accept two qualified applicants and the requirements became stricter. When you saw the results, you ranked 7th and that will be the last time that they will offer that scholarship. You would say:

Oh! I should have applied last year when it was a lot easier to get in. Now, ____.
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