expression: something not too criticizing but somewhat joking

Hi, everyone

Suppose I am a teacher. When I find my students haven't finished their homework on Monday, I want to say something not too criticizing but somewhat joking to them, like: you played too much, do you still remember your name (sorry, a Chinese expression) ? Can you tell me some common expressions on this occasion?

Many many thanks in advance!
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    If I understand you correctly, you want an expression which is slightly sarcastic but humorous?

    A typical excuse given by schoolchildren, when they don't work over the weekend, is that 'the dog ate my homework.' So, you could ask them if the dog was hungry, or something along these lines.

    If you are teaching English, conversations like this are very useful. Apart from practicing irregular verbs (eat, ate, eaten, etc), using humour shows that a student can play with the language to produce a laugh - and then the other students want to understand the joke so that they can laugh too.
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