Expression when kids put shoes on wrong foot...


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Hi - in Danish we have two different expressions for when kids put their shoes on the wrong foot. We call it 'banana feet' (bananfødder) or 'pig toes' (grisetæer), due to the shoes twisting slightly outwards. Is there a simular English expression?
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    As far as I know English doesn't have an expression like that, not a commonly used one at least. But let's see what others say.


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    I can't think of any colourful expressions either.
    Your shoes are on the wrong feet / They are the wrong way round.
    Very dull compared to banana feet!


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    Apart from "pigeon-toed" meaning to have one's feet pointing inwards, I don't know of an English equivalent either. But the shoes on the wrong feet thing does ring a bell - with regard not to children but to my late mother when she was in her 90s!