extend far beyond the destination

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This is from Dear Entrepreneur: Letters from Those That Have Made It and Are Making It Happen by Danny Bailey and Andrew Blackman

The rewards for an entrepreneur extend far beyond the destination, which if you are talented, dogged, resourceful, and to some extent lucky, might eventually result in the pot of gold you dream about.
I understand the literal meaning of 'extend far beyond the destination' . But What I wonder is the writer's intention of writing the red-colored phrase. Why do the rewards extend beyond the destination? Can you catch the image of the writer's thought? If then, please help me.
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    If your goal as an entrepreneur to become wealthy, he's saying that the rewards you will eventually reap will go far beyond that goal/destination. You may find a new calling, or find that money is the least of your rewards, or something else that you receive in addition to having achieved your financial goal (or whatever your original goal was).
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