extend the frontier of their outreach

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Hello everyone,

I am wondering if this sentence ''...extend the frontier of their outreach'' is verbose and shall be shortened as ''extend their outreach.''

Hope you guys could kindly help me with this question.

Thanks in advance!
  • EnglishLearner1990

    The context is simply. I'd like to say technology helps museums extend the frontier of their outreach (services). It sounds a little bit awkward, but I think simply saying ''technology helps museums extend their outreach'' is not very emphatic. So I need your inputs.​


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    It sounds as through you've been reading the mind-numbing gibberish spewed out by some American advertising writers.

    I don't see that either "frontier" or "outreach" is an appropriate choice of words for museums.

    Outreach is normally used in connection with social services, e.g. providing benefits for the disadvantage. That's not what a museum does.


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    Hello EnglishLearner1990. Although there is nothing grammatically wrong with your sentence, it sounds somehow "not quite right" - not the way a native would express that thought. May I suggest a few versions which seem to convey what I think the sense of your sentence is:
    Technnology helps museums reach out to a wider audience
    Technology helps museums extend their appeal to a wider public
    Technology helps museums make their work more accessible to a broader section of society


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    I don't have a problem with "extend their outreach". It's a perfectly good word, despite its overuse by social service agencies. I think extending their outreach is a good thing for museums to be doing. :)
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