extensive testing and refurbishment

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  1. aqvarius New Member

    UK English
    Can anybody help with this sentence, its slightly too envolved for me to translate into Russian;

    Please be assured that any reconditioned units purchased from us undergoes extensive testing and reburbishment to the highest standard before leaving us...

    Thank you guys in advance for your help


  2. papillon Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    Russian (Ukraine)
    Just a small clarifications:
    and a quick question: what type of "units" are these? This may be relevant for the translation.
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Все отремонтированные изделия, которые мы продаем, проходят тщательную проверку и восстановление по самым высоким стандартам [качества].

    I'm not sure "Please be assured that" has to be translated into Russian.
    Besides, "testing and refurbishment" is not clear: testing before refurbishment or vice versa?
    And the last vagueness: what does mean "reconditioned item undergoes refurbishment"? Are the reconditioning and refurbishment the same things or two different operations?
  4. aqvarius New Member

    UK English
    Thank you very much Maroseika,you simplified the sentence to precisely what was required. Would love to be able to think more in the Russian sense ,but English can often cloud a clear translation into Russian :)
    Hopefully ,logging onto this link every day will help my language skills ,thanks to people like your good self.

    Bolshoe Spasibo!

  5. Kolan Banned

    Montréal (Québec)
    Russian (CCCP)
    Вы можете быть уверены, что любые отремонтированные изделия (товары), купленные у нас, проходят расширенную (полную) проверку и восстановление по самым жёстким стандартам перед поставкой.

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