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    I am trying to translate into Italian the expression "exterior plaza" (of a Symphony and Opera complex where a public sculpture/installation was built). This plaza is consider a place of public gathering and a sort of "exterior outer lobby" to the Symphony and Opera.

    I don't think I should translate it with "piazza" because this term is loaded with historical and urban/architectonic references (houses and building all around it..)

    In the WordReference.com dictionary it is translated as "luogo pubblico". It could work but when then I need to translate the whole sentence "exterior plaza installation" with "istallazione nel luogo pubblico esterno" I feel a little uncertain about it.

    I tried with piazzale or spianata...maybe spianata? Any thoughts?

    Thanks a lot

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    Some possibilities:

    lo spiazzo antistante/antistante
    largo, piazzale, piazza
    lo spazio aperto (open space) esterno
    lo spazio antistante/esterno
    l'area prospicente

    I like the 1,2 and 4 best. A whole sentence would help here, to see how each choice fits in.

    Mi sono appena accorto che sei italiana/o. Scusa l'inglese! :)

    Domanda: Cosa intendi per installation?
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    Grazie Forumuser

    per installation intendo una istallazione artistica (una sorta di oggetto/i scultorei che creano un ambiente in uno spazio, e' un termine di arte contemporanea legato soprattutto agli anni 80-90)

    provero' con le indicazioni che mi hai dato e ti faro' sapere se funziona


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    Ciao Staffetta
    Magari puoi anche dire:
    la piazzetta
    specie se lo spazio è organizzato proprio per dare l'idea di una piccola piazza.

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    Thank you Stella Maris,

    I think I might go for "spiazzo antistante esterno" because it is closer to the original architectural reality, that is an American open public area in front of an indoor performance space (or some other indoor space, like a railway station even) and flanked by a boulevard, rather than an Italian open space surrounded by city/town/village buildings (as the Italian piazza or piazzetta is).

    I like this forum


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    Hi again Staffetta,
    in that case, why not just "spiazzo antistante"? "Esterno" seems a redundancy to me, since a "spiazzo antistante" is obviously "esterno".

    By the way, I like this forum too :)


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    Hi Stella Maris,

    I think you might have a point there...yes.
    Thank you very much
    All the best


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