extinción de la condena

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  1. leese New Member

    Would be most grateful if someone can help me with the phrase "la extinción de condena" in the following context: (It is for a police CERTIFICATE so it has to be really accurate legally). The key word is "extinción"

    La leyenda "No tiene asuntos pendientes con las autoridades judiciales" aplica ...
    para quienes la autoridad judicial competente haya decretado la extinción de la condena o la prescripción de la pena

    Thanks much
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  2. robjh22 Senior Member

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    You might try "expungement."
  3. leese New Member

    Thanks Robjh22. I thought of that also , but I wonder if that might mean wipe clean, as if it never happened- there never was a conviction (like expunge from the record). My problem I have seen some translations where "extinción" (as well as prescripción) seems to refer to 'expiration'. I was wondering if the sentence might imply something like : "for those whose sentences have been served and declared satisfied/completed by the competent judicial authorities or those whose terms have expired and so decreed by such authorities." - however, not sure if the sentence structure, or the legal terms are falling in place.
  4. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    FWIW, extinguir una sentencia means, in the legal context, to serve a sentence.

    And prescribir can mean to expire or run out (as a period of time).
  5. leese New Member

    Thanks much, RicardoElAbogado. That does it!

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