<Extinguish> Vs <make extinct>


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Hello there
I womder if you could let me know which verb works better in the following sentence and why:
- It is believed that the collision of an asteroid, a comet or a meteor to the earth has.................
a) extinguished the dinosaurs' race
b) made the dinosaurs' race extinct

I need to be natural in this sentence and to me they both work properly.
Please explain that to me.
Thank you in advance.
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    Did you make this up? One thing collides with another. Dinosaurs cannot be described as a race.

    The verb extinguish cannot be used in this sense. There is no single verb that means to render something extinct, so you have to spell it out, e.g. as: That event is believed to have led to dinosaurs becoming extinct.
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    ...led to/caused the extinction of (the) dinosaurs.
    ...caused dinosaurs to become extinct.

    I agree you need "with" and not "to". I'd also delete "has" from the main sentence. It makes it sound as if it happened yesterday.:)

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