1. evaholic Member

    hola hola
    i've been trying to translate these into english, but still no clue.
    i need some kind help!
    "que haces que ya no me pelas he?
    yo aqui no mas extranandote y poniendo me n forma x q ngorde un poco."
    thanks in advance!!
  2. juliet1982

    juliet1982 Senior Member

    Argentina, Spanish
    I think it means " I'm missING you". Cheers! Juliet.
  3. cbland Senior Member

    Español Nicaragua
  4. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

    English (NAmE)

    Qúe haces, ¿que ya no me pelas eh?
    What are you doing? You don't notice me anymore, eh?

    Yo aquí no más extrañándote y poniéndome en forma porque engordé un poco.
    I'm just here missing you and trying to get in shape. I gained a little weight.

  5. evaholic Member

    thank you so muc for ur help!

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