extract a high price for those Republicans now enabling.... [meaning?]

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OED Loves Me Not

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Hello, friends! Could you first read the following tweet?
History will extract a very high price for those Republicans who are now
a racist, narcissistic, lazy, and incompetent Commander-in-Chief.
Stephen King on Twitter

This sentence is so hard for me to understand that it alone makes me
raise more than one question.

(1) History will extract a high price for those Republicans.
Does this mean "history will demand a high price from the Republicans"?
In other words, will the Republicans have to pay a high price?
Or does it mean that people will have to pay the price because of the Republicans?

(2) ... those Republicans who are now enabling [someone].
Does this mean that the Republicans are now temporarily allowing him to be in office?
In other words, why doesn't the author use the construction "those Republicans
who have enabled [someone]"?

(3) ... who are now enabling [someone].
Why did the author choose the word "enable" here? Does he imply that the
Commander-in-Chief is some kind of machine instead of a person?

I hope that although at a glance I seem to be raising several questions here,
I am still following the forum rules because all the questions refer to
a single sentence.

Thank you for taking some of your precious time.
  • The Newt

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    It's not clear who King believes will be paying the price; the way it's worded simply suggests that a high price will be paid because of those Republicans.

    "Enabling" is behavior that assists someone else in doing something destructive or self-destructive; it's often used in the context of addiction. If you give an addict money, you may be an enabler.


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    I would paraphrase it as: Those who are making it possible for Trump to stay in office will end up paying a high price.

    OED Loves Me Not

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    Thank you, lingobingo. From your paraphrase, I understand that
    the preposition "for" in the original text
    History will extract a very high price for those Republicans ....
    would mean something along the lines of
    "History will extract [that is, "demand"] a very high price from those Republicans...."
    Am I right?

    If so, can this preposition be interpreted to carry two different meanings? The Newt said
    that the preposition means "because of." I wouldn't like to make a comparison
    between the answers from different answerers, but I can't help it here. All I want
    to do here is know the truth. I hope no one will get offended.


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    I think you’re right that “from” is what King really means, in the sense that it’s those Republicans who will ultimately pay a high price. The use of “for” can perhaps be explained by this being the situation for those people.


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    It is true for can have different interpretations here, my understanding is those Republicans will pay the price. Language like many other things can express different ideas to different people depending on point of view, culture, nationality and several other factors.
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