extracto de acta

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    Buen día,

    La frase se usa como título de las actas de nacimiento en la República Dominicana. Veo una frase parecida aquí, pero no me gusta. La he puesto como Extract of Birth Record.
    ¿Tienen una mejor sugerencia?

  2. bi_lin_gual Senior Member

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    Yo usaría "birth certificate" aunque también se usa "certificate of birth".
  3. Alisterio

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    "Birth certificate" sounds good to me too - the bit about the "extract" doesn't make much sense to me.
  4. DR Translates Member

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    The document is an "extracto," or summary, because the original is filed with the vital records office, which makes a summary of the pertinent data of the original to create a birth certificate abstract. Then when people need copies, the abstract is copied instead of having to copy a page out of a big, awkward book. I don't know if people have problems when they try to submit a "birth certificate abstract" because the requesting party thinks it's not official?
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