Extrait d'acte de naissance

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    J'aimerais savoir le sens de la phrase suivante: Extrait d'acte de naissance. Est-ce que ca veut dire "birth certificate"?

    Merci :confused:
  2. wildan1

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    yes, generally speaking. It literally means that it is taken from the official full birth certificate. In the US we call that the "short form"--it just says your name, birth date and place without going into all of the hospital information on the long form.
  3. Ring Ding Member

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    So, if an application (in France) calls for a <Extrait d'acte de naissance> it does not necessarily mean birth certificate, but rather proof of place and time of birth (such as from a passport)?

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  4. Ollo Member

    No, it's really an official specific document. French people can order it in the city hall of the town where they were born. I don't know how it works for foreign people :confused:
  5. Leunamme Senior Member

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    No, you must provide for a copy of your birth certificate. A passport won't usually suffice. You can get it form the General Register Office (if you are in England). I think you can apply for it on their website.
  6. Ring Ding Member

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    Many thanks for your helpful responses!
  7. pumpkin2282 Member

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    In the U.S., this is just the normal birth certificate.
  8. dasubergeek Senior Member

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    In the US it refers to one's official birth certificate (the one with a raised seal from the county government), not the hospital birth certificate ("This is to certify that Luc Richard Machin was born Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 08:13, weighing 3640 grams and measuring 49.5 cm") that's given to new parents and is useless as a piece of official documentation.

    Je vous souhaite bon courage -- la bureaucratie française, c'est pas amusante.

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