extrait intégral d'acte de naissance

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm filling out an application for an exchange to France and am confused about one of the required documents. It says to include un "extrait intégral d'acte de naissance". My attempt at a translation would be "extract from birth certificate".

    I'm not sure what the difference is between these two expressions, which I've found while trying to answer my question:

    Extrait intégral d'acte de naissance
    Copie intégrale d'acte de naissance

    Does the fact that it says "extrait" mean that it can be a photocopy, not an original?

    Thanks in advance for any clarification on this expression! :)
  2. merquiades

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    Sometimes birth certificates can have a short or long version. I came across this recently in France. The short version basically says nothing, date of birth, place of birth, name and little else. If you go to a courthouse in the US, perhaps Canada too, they give you a little piece of paper like this. The long version, "l'extrait intégral", is what they keep in the hospital you were born at or what they give your parents when they take you home. It has more detailed information like hour of birth, name of physician, parent's name, perhaps some medical information describing who you are, what you look like, size and weight at your birth, mother's name, maiden name, place they were originally from etc. etc. Like I said I recently did this, and you get it at the hospital records office. A photocopy is fine. I had to get it certified "copie conforme" with a stamp, and they always want it translated officially into French by a translator, also with a stamp. Hope it helps.
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    Wow, thanks for the quick and thorough response, that really clarified it for me!
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    Your welcome. Enjoy your stay in France.
  5. Katie1917 Member

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    But is there a difference between EXTRAIT and ACTE? I'm translating a document which says, in a footnote:

    "[mentions marginales] inscrites sur l'acte postérieurement a l'établissement du présent extrait"

    Are they synonyms? Is it "[marginal notes] added to the certificate after the present certificate was drawn up"? or what?!
  6. CJosie Senior Member

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    After the present entry was updated? Can someone confirm please?
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    I don't know exactly the difference between "extrait" and "copie" in this case, but there are a few points that might help :
    There will never be the name of a physician, nurse or any medical staff involved in the birth ;
    Nor will be anything medically relevant, no weight, size, etc

    An "acte de naissance" is given only once, after a birth. After that, you get either a "copie" or an "extrait".

    "Integral" means it contains: your name(s), firstname(s), date, time and place of birth. Your parents' full names, date and place of birth. Their parents' names, date of birth.

    If it's not "integral", the informations concerning yourself remain the same, concerning your parents, just their names, and nothing about the grandparents.
  8. Lune bleue

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    Les mentions marginales sont celles ajoutées au cours de la vie de la personne, par ex. "marié(e) (date, lieu, nom du conjoint) / divorcé(e)/ décédé(e)". Elles sont appelées "marginales" tout simplement parce qu'elles sont inscrites dans la marge du registre original.

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