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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Vanda, Oct 19, 2005.

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    Hello everyone,

    We use the expression Bairrismo (referring to the neighborhood) in Brazil to refer to the feeling some people cultivate of being extremly boastful of their own neighborhood, state or country.
    Something like this:
    My neighborhood is the most beautiful place in the city.
    My country is the most beautiful one in the world.
    And so on.
    The feeling is related to the noun ufano and the verb ufanarse in Spanish (same in Portuguese)
    From WR: Spanish/English:
    ufano,-a adj (contento) cheerful
    (satisfecho, orgulloso) proud
    (engreído, presuntuoso) conceited, arrogant
    ufanarse verbo reflexivo (jactarse) to boast [de, of]

    My question is : is there a word or expression in English with this particular meaning?
    I mean more than the general ones as in the dic above?

    Thank you all!
  2. dbelle4500 Senior Member

    I would suggest that arrogant is the best translation, although you could also say "bragging".

    Arrogant normally has negative meaning e.g. I am the best football player.

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    One word that exists, but is VERY seldom used, would be GLEE. Many schools in America have "Glee Clubs" which promote pride in one's school. We may just say proud and/or pride.

    Some phrases that come to mind:

    nationalism (but fails to address anything but nationality)
    alma mater pride
    hometown spirit
    hometown pride

    There is a phrase I coined for some other purpose which sum's it up abstractly and universally:

    Every momma's baby's most beautiful.

    In proper english it would be:

    Every mother's baby is the most beautiful.

    Então, claro! Naturalmente, o pão de queijo é o melhor em sua próprio cidade.
  4. elroy

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    I think "proud" is better than either "boastful" or "arrogant."

    "Boastful" and "arrogant" refer to an attitude, and are not normally used in connection with a specific phenomenon.

    He is a boastful person.
    That guy is too arrogant for my taste.

    She is extremely proud of her culture.
    They are way too proud of their neighborhood.

    As an alternative, you could reword the sentence using a noun.

    They demonstrate an excessive degree of pride in their neighborhood.

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