Extremely complicated phonetics exercise (intonation)

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    I believe S and U stand for 'stressed' and 'unstressed'.

    I suppose that the bold letters are the 'nuclei, etc', but I don't know what those words mean.

    I think the angled marks like ´ indicate 'rises and falls', but I don't know how to read them.

    Surely, if you were given this as an assignment, you were also told how to find out what they mean.


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    Is the teacher or person who created this diagram a native speaker of English? Because it's not how \I would say it. 'Place' is a semantically empty word, so I wouldn't put the nucleus on it, I'd put the nucleus on `STAY. The intonation given in the first line is appropriate if there's a stronger word than 'place', for example 'hotel': a ho`TEL to stay at.
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