extremely I would like to visit your factory

Discussion in 'English Only' started by better_in_time, Dec 21, 2011.

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    I am learning to write formal business emails. My classmate and I are wondering if we can use the two sentences below to express the meaning "I would very much like to visit your factory."

    I would extremely like to visit your factory.
    Extremely, I would like to visit your factory.

    (Sorry for the typo in the topic subject. I intended to write "extremely I would like to visit your factory")
  2. dreamlike

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    I would be extremely pleased to visit your factory would work, if you are so bent on using "extremely" but your sentences doesn't sound fine to my ears.
  3. entangledbank

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    No, it can only be used with adjectives and adverbs ('extremely pleased', 'extremely pleasantly'), not modifying verbs or clauses as in your two examples. 'Very' has basically the same restrictions. One difference is that 'very' can go with 'much' to modify a verb - 'I would very much like to visit your factory' - but 'extremely' can't be used here either.
  4. boozer Senior Member

    On top of that, extremely is an extreme word :) and I would certainly desist from using it in formal letters where I would prefer moderate language and long educated Latin words. :D (Well, of course, that would also depend on the level of formality you want)

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