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    When we say "somebody is extremely passionate about something," do we have a negative opinion on that, compared with "is possionate about?"

    For example:
    I know Tom well. He is extremely passionate about collecting stamps.
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    I mentioned in another thread that adding adjectives is often unnecessary – "passionate" by itself is probably enough here. "Extremely passionate" just sounds like you're trying to inject artificial enthusiasm or importance into the sentence ... well, to me, anyway.

    He is passionate about collecting stamps.
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    No, like exceedingly, extremely simply gives a dimension, not a negative opinion. I'm not such a puritan as Copyright on this issue.

    (The negative opinion comes with the word excessively.)
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    Hi Copyright and Keith, thank you very much for your opinions! :thumbsup:

    As a non-native English speaker, I often find it hard to understand the degree of adverbs to people's feeling.
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    Copyright Mod Cat

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    From Collins: passionate: capable of, revealing, or characterized by intense emotion.

    Do we really need "extremely intense emotion," or is just "intense emotion" enough? I guess it's an individual decision. :)
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    Thanks for your further information! :)

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