extremely salty

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Hisham Wafaii

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When we talk about flavors, we say sweet, salty, sour or bitter.
And sometimes food might be unpleasantly sweet or extremely sweet so we describe it as "cloying".

My question is how can I say that something is extremely salt in an unpleasant way?

Thanks in advance.
  • dojibear

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    The definition of "cloy" says that something becomes "cloying" over time: if you eat sweets long enough, you get sick of sweets. It is also used about non-foods. A person may act in a "sweet" way, but if they do it to much it is "cloying" (annoying, irritating).

    It may be possible to use the word about a single "overly sweet" food, but that isn't common. Usually we just call it "too sweet". Similarly something can be "too salty", "too spicy", "too sour" and "too bitter".


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    I agree there is no single word which means « too salty » (or for that matter single words which mean too bitter or too sour). We might well use an image (as salty as the Dead Sea, etc)


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    "Briny" would be the adjective I would use for a salty dish.

    I went to the Fish Shack for lunch. All their food tastes briny to me. I prefer Fancy Filet where I can actually taste the fish instead of the salt.
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