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    Mark talked: “Maybe this is a chance to finally control our destiny?
    For most of our history, we’ve been at the mercy of others: overrun by the Portuguese and Spanish trading goliaths, sold to Germany, conquered by Japan and the United States . . .”
    “I don’t suppose anyone brought an extremely small violin?” Julia said to the kids. Nobody understood the joke.

    Safran Foer. Here I Am

    can anyone tell me what the said joke is?
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    Pretending to play sad music on the violin is a common way of mocking someone who sounds like he or she is looking to be pitied.
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    Thank you, now I see
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    Often a remark like this will be accompanied by rubbing the first finger and thumb together, as if playing a violin that is too small to see. The implication is that the pity one feels is so little that it can only be represented by the music of a microscopic violin.
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