1. maryT Senior Member

    Hola! Estoy haciendo una traducción sobre la fabricación de bates de béisbol y hay dos palabras que no entiendo: extruded y drawn
    "H&B manufactures bats in a variety of sizes and shapes, it purchases extruded and drawn 7000-series aluminum tubing in diameters between 2 and 3 inches.
    Coloqué extruídos pero no estoy segura. Y para drawn no te idea que colocar.
    Ayuda please!
  2. GiggLiden

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    Do you know how macaroni are made? The dough is placed in a hopper, then pressure is applied to it, forcing a tubular string of hollow material to come out at the other end.

    The same idea can be applied to aluminum, copper or steel to produce tubular aluminum, steel or copper tubing. The seamless aluminum is used for the baseball bats; copper tubing is used in plumbing.

    So much for extruded. The same idea can be aproached from the other end, i.e. instead of the raw material being PUSHED through the forming device (called a "die") ... think of the old fashioned meat grinder ... the material is pulled through, i.e. drawn. Result: seamless tubing.

    PS: I checked out my all-time favorite Spanish/English dictionary, and came up with ... estiramiento
    . Take a look at your sources; that may just be the correct technical word for "drawing metals or glass."
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  3. dinis.dinis Senior Member


    tubos extrudidos y estirados are tubes which have been pulled/drawn through a die (troquel?) in a continuous flow (flujo continuo) in order to shape/to mould* them.

    *(AmE. to mold)

    Ever Yours,
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  4. ARR

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    Una pregunta al hilo de los que saben tanto de esto: ¿extrudidos es lo mismo que extrusionados?

    Gracias por la aclaración!!
  5. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Hola, ARR;

    El término, extrusionar, no aparece en el diccionario RAE.

    However, the set expression, tubo extrusionado, when "googled" between quotations marks renders 197 examples in just 0.10 of a second while the variant tubo extrudido yields only 23 examples in a comparable time frame -- 23 examples within 0.13 seconds.
    So, de facto, extrusionado must be the preferred term in actual use.

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  6. maryT Senior Member

    Thanks for your help. Now I understand! And since you know about the subject could you help me translate the words Taper drawing, swaging and shot peening,please!
    "An aluminum bat is a complex product that requires many modern manufacturing processes, including taper drawing, swaging, heat treating, and shot peening."
    Swaging: troquelado?
    Shot peening: granallado?
    Taper drawing:?
    Thank you!
  7. nv1962

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    Reno, Nevada (USA)
    es, nl, en-us
    That's because DRAE stubbornly only lists verb infinitives for all their related (immediate) derivatives. If you look at extrudir you'll see the pertinent entry.

    If you hit the blue conjugation button of that entry, you'll see extrudido indicated as the "correct" participle; even so, I'll admit that I find extrusionado not only more commonly used, but also more "natural" sounding.

    Added later: in all likelihood, the indeed non-existent "extrusionar" is an incorrect but understandable back-fit of that irregular (but more popular) variation of the "extrusionado" participle.

    As to the later additions, MaryT, I suggest you open a separate topic for them - preferably in the specialized terminology forums.
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  8. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Sorry Mary,

    My access to this field is only through on-line encyclopaedias, dictionaries, technical documents etc. I am afraid I have not been able to find anything substantial on "taper drawing" and even less (zero) on its translation into Spanish.

    Nv1962's suggestion of attempting to consult a tehnical forum sounds like a promising alternative!

    Wishing you the best of luck, I am --

    Truly Yours,
  9. evitap Senior Member

    Nunca había escuchado el término 'extrudido' sino 'extruido'.
  10. andurinha Senior Member

    Spanish Spanish
    Se trata de un sesquipedalismo. Esto es, del verbo extruir construimos el sustantivo extrusión pero, para volver al verbo, en lugar de retroceder y eliminar el sufijo, añadimos uno nuevo "creando" un nuevo verbo, de extrusión, extrusionar.

    Esto pasa con recibir/recepcionar y muchos otros pares verbales. En algunos casos, el segundo verbo se extiende y acaba empleándose como término en algunas áreas de conocimiento. Como es el caso de este ejemplo pues recepcionar se emplea para "recoger algo en movimiento, como malabares, balones en fútbol, etc."

    Un saludo a todos
  11. ARR

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    ¡Gracias a todos por compartir vuestros conocimientos!


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