1. FE88 New Member

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    I was reading some old threads and searching on Google about how to translate "eye candy" to french but I'm still unsure how I can use it.

    I want to use it in my blog. "Eye Candy" will be the subject of certain of my posts. I usually post content about sexy women/celebrities and so would like a subject category to have them under. For example, I would title such content as follow, "Eye Candy: Megan Fox in bikini." I want to be creative and use it in french instead of just using "eye candy."

    So far I thought about using "une régal pour les yeux", but it seems too long. Maybe it's just me.

    Or I would like to use something like "Eye Candy of the day"
  2. doodlebugger Senior Member

    I suggest le plaisir des yeux.

    :warning: régal is masculine (un régal).

    And welcome to the Forum :)
  3. FE88 New Member

    English, Spanish
    Thanks! And thanks for the tip.

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