eye-catching weird black pelican


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This sentence "In one of the flocks of white birds was a black pelican with an obviously weird shape." is from the black pelican, kids story.

I rewrite the sentence as:

In of the white flocks was an eye-catching weird black pelican

Is my sentence mean the same as the above sentence?

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    No, your sentence doesn't really mean the same as the one above it.

    Maybe: In one of the white flocks was a noticeably weirdly shaped black pelican.

    Why do you want to rewrite it?


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    In that case, I think your own translation does get the idea across, for what it's worth.


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    The sentences don't mean the same thing, especially since your sentence mentions nothing about the pelican's shape. Your sentence focuses more on how much the black pelican stuck out in the group of white pelicans.
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