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  1. mumble Member

    Rome, IT
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    I really did not understand what does actually mean "eye-roll" in the contest of "muttering rules" as a probable scornful expression.

    Thank for the help
  2. mumble Member

    Rome, IT
    Italian (Italy)
    I really did not understand what actually does it mean "eye-roll" in the context of scornful expressions.

    Thanks for help
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    :rolleyes: Sarcastic is the label given to this "eye-roll" smiley.
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    Sometimes when a person is scornful, he/she will lift up her eyes. Imagine the expression on a person who thinks what you are saying is ridiculous!
  5. Argos77 Senior Member

    Hi everybody

    I was reading an article named " The Eye Roll in Marriage" and said this in one part of it:

    "You've seen it. The eye roll. It is often accompanied by a big sigh. If you are like most folks, seeing the eye roll makes you angry, or defensive, or both."

    What does "eye roll" mean?

    Thank you!
  6. xqby

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    This was actually asked previously, but it pretty much means that you look upwards without moving your head.

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    Threads merged. Thanks. :)
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