Eye to Eye: Facing the consequences of dividing Israel

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  1. DakicPopovich New Member

    Hello Everyboby,

    I need a little help translating the title of a Book as indicated below:

    "Eye to Eye: Facing the consequences of Dividing Israel."

    What is the best way of translating "Eye to Eye:" into Spanish?

    Thank you in advance,
    In His Service,
  2. cuchuflete

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    Maine, EEUU
    Greetings DakicPopovich,
    Welcome to the forums.

    The best way to get help with a translation is to go up to the top of the page, find FAQ on the left side, and read the forum guidelines and rules. Next, place your question in the forum to or from which you want a translation. You are currently in a forum that discusses forum mechanics and administrative matters.

    Finally, the quality of a translation depends heavily on the quality and at time the quantity of context you provide. A book title is insufficient. Please add some background, in order that would-be helpers can better understand what the words were meant to convey in the original language.

  3. carmitush24 New Member

    hi... i know it was way back when you posted your question, but i still would like to answer it...
    the quote: eye to eye comes from the jewish bible, and it talks about seeing the outcome of someone actions.
    it says that the other nations will see clearly the greatness of god, and how he loves the jewish people.
    it would be so clearly, as if they could see it in their eyes...

    well, there is a book called: EYE TO EYE, THE CONSIQUENCES OF DIVIDING ISRAEL...
    you can see in the book , with facts and dates, how is it that when a president of the U.S.A says anything bad about israel, in 24 hr after that, a big disaster happens...

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