eyes feel sore? [when cutting onions]


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Dear all,
First of all, Happy New Year! :)
I have a question. Would you help me please. What is a verb for describing the following case. When you cut onion you start "crying", tears come out of eyes. How can I say? "My eyes feel sore" is correct? Thank you!
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    Can be the same verb applied in case you burnt your, say, fingers by flame?
    The verb is "are" -- My eyes are watering. My eyes are stinging -- so I'm thinking you mean can we use "watering" or "stinging" for burning our finger.

    I burned/burnt my finger. It hurts. It stings (maybe).

    Or you may mean something else. :)


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    I think 'sore' means something completely different.
    And others already suggested what suits the best here.
    Thank you
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