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Could you give some other alternative ways of saying "Helen's eyes were not very good..."?
Thank you very much!
Helen's eyes were not very good, so she usually wore glasses.

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    We can not rewrite your sentence or suggest entire alternative sentences, but if you have an idea for a new sentence and think a specific word or phrase in it might be wrong, please post it and we’ll be happy to help.


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    Thank you, ingarten. Here is an alternative for She didn't have very good eyes: She didn't see very well, so she usually wore glasses.


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    In BE at least, you need to say "eyesight" rather than eyes in that sentence. :)
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    I was going to make that point. I do hear people saying "his eyes are not good" but I cringe when I do hear it. Would we say "his ears are not good"? I don't think so.

    For good English it has to be "eyesight" or "vision".

    This sight lists 33 synonyms for "poor vision". It includes "bad eyes". I guess it is used, but I find it an inappropriate term for poor vision.

    33 Poor vision Synonyms in Poor vision Thesaurus

    "Impaired vision" in the above site works for me.

    "Low visibility" would mean something entirely different to me. It would mean "difficult to be seen", not poor vision.
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