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The venue was Belo Horizonte in Brazil. England -- you know, the mighty England who essentially invented the game and came up with the rules -- had never taken part in a World Cup before, either refusing to travel the vast distances involved or, more likely, just finding the entire shindig beneath them. Well they showed up in 1950, promptly installed as 3/1 favorites in the eyes of the bookmakers, led by arguably the greatest player in the world, Stanley Matthews, though he didn't even play in the match. But they did have legendary captain Billy Wright and fearsome forwards Tom Finney and Stan Mortensen.

Hi folks?

what the author say with this "installed as 3/1 favorites in the eyes of the bookmakers," Is there anything happened with world cup and bookmakers ?

Thanks beforehand
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    This expression means that bookmakers, the people who set odds for betting agencies, considered the English as 3/1 favourites to win. In other words, if you bet one dollar on England winning and they did indeed win, you would receive four dollars' prize money (three dollars plus your original bet).
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