Eyes Wide Shut

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What is meant by the movie title "Eyes Wide Shut"?

I wonder why chinese translation of "Eyes Wide Shut" is "大开眼界". Is the word wide an adverb which modifies the verb shut in this sentence?

宽如何描述眼睛? 从逻辑的角度来说,我想眼界或者视野才使用宽来修饰。 最后怎么又使用动词shut,wide与shut如何搭配,我实在不明白。
It is difficult to imagine ralations between wide and eyes or the verb shut. I think the adjective wide should go with sight rather than eyes.
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    I would take your question as "How should we translate Eyes Wide Shut into Chinese". Personally, I prefer 视而不见. Some people have their eyes wide open but in reality they are shut to the world (not really seeing what is in front of them).


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    嗨ipipip :)

    也要記得,英語中要表達完全睜開的眼睛就平常是說「wide open」,所以算是一個好聽又有趣的用法說「wide shut」,因為剛好是wide open的相反,而大家都會想到原先應該是打開的樣子,因此片名才更有力量與趣味。中文有類似的技巧,像是一部電影介紹一個身為弟弟的男主角,片名可以用「驚天動弟」之類的說法。
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