Für den / zum 4. Februar

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  1. Sehenswert Member

    Hi everyone :)

    Can anyone suggest how would I translate the following into German:

    “I booked my journey for the 4th Ferbruary.”

    I want to say that the journey will be on the 4th February. Which preposition is best? Für den vierten Februar? Zum vierten Februar? If I use am then this suggests the day on which I booked the journey and not when it will be.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks very much!
  2. Captain Lars

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    Ich buchte meine Reise für den 4. Februar.

    Exactly. Btw., Ich buchte meine Reise zum 4. Februar would mean the same as am 4. Februar: it indicates the day you booked it, but the way a lawyer would do it.
  3. Sehenswert Member

    Thanks for the answer Captain Lars.
  4. ABBA Stanza Senior Member

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    Is that definitely the case, or is it somewhat ambiguous? To use a parallel example, if I write a letter saying "hiermit kündige ich mein Vertrag zum 4. Februar", isn't the specified date the date on which the contract should expire and not the date on which the letter is written, sent or received?

  5. ablativ Senior Member

    "Hiermit kündige ich meinen Vertrag zum Jahresende" means the contract should expire at the end of the year. But the notice has to be given ahead of this date (according to the conditions of the contract), so the termination notice could be written am ​30.Sept. or so.
  6. Captain Lars

    Captain Lars Senior Member

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    You are right, and frankly, Ich buchte meine Reise zum 4. Februar is not a good German sentence and would cause headache and irritation.
  7. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    I do not think so, with one exception:
    if both dates are the same.
    "Zum" means "für den" but has another style. Is there really any context or region where it means "am"?

    Do not confuse it with "um".
    "Ich buchte meine Reise um den 4. August." - means approximately "I booked it approximately at the August 4th, one or two days earlier or later."

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