1. XPditif Senior Member

    Planet Earth
    français (France)
    Hi you all!
    So I have just seen the a.s.a.p. thread, and since we're in acronyms (is r.a.s. already done?) ...
    This one might help someone, someday, somewhere.

    It means "fucked up beyond all repair".
    Does anyone know of the french equivalent?

    In everyday language, we'd just say that "la situation est cramée, foutue",
    but I wonder if the french military use another expression/acronym.

    Thanks very much in advance to the whole bunch of you.
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  2. xiancee

    xiancee Senior Member

    On pourrais dire HS ??? (Hors Service)
  3. Abbrevs Senior Member

    Virginia-- USA
    English- America
    Hey XPditif,

    Just letting you know that I have never heard of "f.u.b.a.r." Maybe it's an English acronym? It is not commonly used in the states, I'm certain.
  4. bobepine

    bobepine Senior Member

    Canada, English & French
    Actually, the acronym comes from the US military (although the version I'd heard is beyond all recognition.) No French equivalent that I can think of, though.

  5. Abbrevs Senior Member

    Virginia-- USA
    English- America
    Really! Huh! thanks for letting me know :)
  6. xiancee

    xiancee Senior Member

  7. roi2verlan Senior Member

    United Statesian English
    FUBAR definitely comes from military slang, just like SNAFU, although is not nearly as common as the latter. My grandfather - a WWII vet - used to say it from time to time, but insisted that it stood for "Fouled up beyond all recognition" to avoid cursing! Furthermore, drop the periods from the acronym - it looks FUBAR to me when it's written like that!
  8. wilnd Senior Member

    There is also another version of it used in computer programming: foobar.
    I've come accross it many times without giving it a thought and this thread is a good insight into its source, thanks!


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