Face punishment at the hands of his/her butt

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by shiflux, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. shiflux New Member

    Face punishment at the hands of his/her butt
    Ho provato sia a tradurla che cercato in giro, ma non sono riuscito a capire che significato abbia questa frase :confused:
    Rinrazio anticipatamente per il vostro aiuto :D
  2. Murphy

    Murphy Senior Member

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    English, UK
    Non ho mai sentito quest'espressione prima d'ora, e il significato non è molto chiaro. Dove l'hai trovata e in quale contesto?
  3. Damon89

    Damon89 Senior Member

    Da quello che mi sembra di capire, significa "affrontare una punizione somministrata dal suo sedere", ma spero vivamente di sbagliarmi...
  4. 0scar Banned

    This meaning of butt could help

    A person at whom ridicule, jest, or contempt is directed
    A person or thing that is an object of wit, ridicule, sarcasm, contempt, etc.
  5. Damon89

    Damon89 Senior Member

    I don't think the meaning posted by 0scar applies in this case. The sentence says "his/her butt", which means that the butt is the property of someone... and, unless we're talking about the Middle Ages, it's quite rare for a person to be property of another person.

    However weird it may sound, I'm sticking with my version for now.
  6. 0scar Banned

    Think about "...his victim"

    Synonym of butt:
    1. victim
  7. jeffc418 Senior Member

    Guys I think we've all been thinking of this from a scholarly point-of-view as opposed to the appropriate colloquial "joking around" point-of-view.

    What this sentence means, in Italian, at least as I've heard it used, is:

    Come una punizione, scoreggierò su te.

    A possible translation could be...

    Affrontare una punizione nelle mani del suo culo.

    Spero d'averti aiutato a accorgerci un'immaturità della vita ;)
  8. Damon89

    Damon89 Senior Member

    @jeffc418: Well, that's what I meant with my first post, although I didn't want to make it that explicit. There could be children reading, you know.
    Yes, don't worry, I was joking.

    I think that however weird or immature it may sound, it's the best translation we've got at this point... the rest of the sentence doesn't seem very archaic, so I'm guessing we're looking at something relatively recent/modern, and "butt" in modern English has only one common meaning.
  9. jeffc418 Senior Member

    Ahaha you're a very likeable (amichevole) guy Damon :D.

    I agree completely, for such an odd definition to be used, the sentence would have to have a trace of the antiquity. @OP: is the sentence very colloquial and used in conversation or is it somehow from the 1600s :p.
  10. shiflux New Member

    My bad, I forgot to add the context. It talks about a guy that hets ill-treated by a girl, and than he says that he constantly faces punishment at the hands of her butt. And of course it isn't archaic, I found it in a modern sentence.
    Weel, even without what I just said, I think you guys Damon and jeff got to the point (not sure here, or got it right?)
  11. pogosticksteve Senior Member

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    Face. Butt. Very close together. Nose in butt.

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