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Hi there
As far as I know and based on dictionary definitions, one's 'face' and one's 'mug' mean the same and 'mug' is an informal version of 'face'. I was wondering if you could let me know if the sentence:"She has a beautiful face" can be substituted with:
- She has a beautiful 'mug'.
For me, they work, but somehow "she has a beautiful mug" sounds a bit odd and I have no idea why!
  • Keith Bradford

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    Mug is not merely informal but vulgar/insulting in many circumstances. Avoid it unless you really mean it, e.g:

    Get your ugly mug out of here!
    Did you see the mug-shot of that burglar in the paper?
    I'm tired of looking at this mug of mine in the mirror - do you know a good plastic surgeon?
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