Facebook + lose privacy Vs reveal too much about yourself

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Hello everyone,

Which option is better/more natural in the example I made below, meaning that "once you join Facebook (have an account), you tend to give people information about your life that you actually shouldn't give''?

Example: I didn't join Facebook because I think you eventually reveal too much about yourself Vs You eventually lose a lot of your privacy.

* I think both are correct, but the option with "reveal" is better because it sounds more natural.

Thank you in advance!
  • Egmont

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    I agree with your conclusion. "Revealing too much about yourself" describes something that you do voluntarily, but "losing a lot of your privacy" sounds like something that happens when you join Facebook without any further action on your part.


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    Facebook (probably) doesn't have access to information that you don't put on Facebook (or on other sites on which you have an account that's attached to your Facebook account). As Egmont said, you don't lose your privacy by creating an account on Facebook. You would have to join Facebook and then post personal information. But even then, you can't say that you have lost your privacy. What's really happened is that you've made personal information public. Facebook is not a private space, it's a public place.

    The idea that you lose your privacy by posting anything on Facebook is akin to the strange idea that you lose your privacy when speaking loudly on a public bus. In both situations you're not in private. How could you have any privacy to lose?
    Thank you very much.

    Maybe it's a way to lose your privacy voluntarily. At least in Portuguese, you can "lose your privacy" both voluntarily and involuntarily. For example, when you choose to be an actor or singer or a politician, you tend to lose a lot of your privacy, and choosing is voluntary. In a Facebook environment, after you choose to open an account, you deliberately post things that reveal information about you. But even so (IN PORTUGUESE) it'd be ''losing my privacy''.

    But Portuguese is different from English. And I'm most likely wrong.
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