Hi everyboy,
I need some help translating this names: Youtube and Twitter
I found the translation of Facebook, 脸谱网, do you know if it is correct?

And If you can confirm these other two:

Internet Protocol (IP) 互联网协议 (hùliánwǎng xiéyì)

Internet Service Provider (ISP) 互联网服务提供商 (hùliánwǎng fúwù tígōng shāng)

Thanks a lot!

  • SuperXW

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    First, I need to point out that "social network" should be "社网络", but not "社网络".
    About your question, unfortunately, there isn't any official translation for Youtube, Twitter and Facebook in mainland China.
    That is to say, they don't have any official Chinese name. No one says 脸谱网 currently. It seems called 面書 in Tainwan, but I'm not sure.
    You see, these websites are banned in PRC. You can't open them without using some special techniques in mainland China.
    For any Chinese who ever knows their names, they prefer to keep the original English names as they are.

    You are right about IP and ISP, although in many cases we keeps their English abbreviations for short.


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    I also heard them calling facebook as 臉書 (脸书) in Taiwan...However as SuperXW said they generally prefer to stick with the original English name especially among teenagers, no matter how different they might sound from the original name from time to time.. :)


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    LIN Alex
    In Taiwan, lot of people call Facebook as 臉書 literal meaning, and Twitter is called 推特 due to the sound. And call Youtube in original name mostly.

    and the following is found in Taiwan website, also the usual usage
    網際網路協定 for Internet Protocol
    網際網路服務提供者 for Internet Service Provider

    Hope it help


    Thanks A lot! Thanks SuperXW for the correction ^^. It is always helpful.
    I know that these sites are blocked in China.
    I'm writing my bachelor thesis about it and I was curious whether their names are translated or not.
    So It's really interesting and a good point for my thesis.
    Thanks again for the help


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    I found the translation of Facebook, 脸谱网, do you know if it is correct?

    In Singapore, the official name (at least that's what our TV presenters say) for Facebook is 脸书. But I am not suggesting that 脸谱网 is incorrect. Perhaps other regions use it.