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    Is the prefix 'Fach-' best translated as 'professional' in the following context? Or maybe 'specific' is a better choice?

    'Neben dem EGB sind in jüngster Zeit auch die europäischen Fachgewerkschaften und sektoralen Gewerkschaftsdachverbände ins Blickfeld gerückt.Mit der Zusammenarbeit in gewerkschaftlichen Fachvertretungen und Verbänden hat sich eine einflussreiche Parallelstruktur herausgebildet.'

    My attempt:

    In addition to the ETUC, European professional associations and sectoral umbrella organisations for trade unions have recently come into focus. A powerful parallel structure has evolved as a result of the cooperation between specialist trade union representatives and professional organisations.

    Thanks again!
  2. Frank78

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    Specific or specialized is a better translation, as in Fachanwalt, Fachsprache, etc.

    Fachgewerkschaften only represent workers from a few professions, e.g. doctors or pilots. So they are specialzed on these.
  3. falafalie Member

    Thank you Frank 78 :)

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