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Coby Ingram

It seems to me the Spanish equivalents of facilitate should include gestionar. It almost feels like English decided it needed a good word for what happens when you gestionar, and didn't have it, so they invented facilitate. To be specific, the English word doesn't mean "make easier" so much as it has the practical application meaning "coordinate" or "take a leadership role, while encouraging others to feel empowered and to participate." That is gestionar.
  • n.ares

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    Thanks for your interest in our dictionaries. I don't think that gestionar fits any of the current senses in this entry so, in order to add your suggestion, we need a specific sense for it. I will transfer this report to the team that manages the English base dictionary so they consider adding something that covers this usage.


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    Thank you for your message. We already have this sense in our English base, but it hasn't yet made it into the dictionaries. It will be included in future translation projects and, once translated into the various languages, will appear in the dictionaries when they are next updated.