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  1. Mankel New Member

    I would love to know which special meaning (if there is) have the expression "fact of the matter" in this sentence:

    Brett couldn't maintain his commitment to considering the interests of others were he to really believe that there is no fact of the matter about right and wrong.

    Muchas gracias
  2. cuchuflete

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    Stylistically, that is a pretty tortured sentance in English. I think the phrase, only as used here, means an absolute truth.

    "the fact of the matter" is a common expression. Generally I would translate it as,

    "la verdad...." o "de ciencia cierta"

    Hope this helps.
  3. aledu Senior Member

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    The fact of the matter is that I don´t understand this.
    La verdad es que no entiendo esto.

    Y qué tal ¨as a matter of fact¨.

    As a matter of fact I was there yesterday
    De hecho, ayer estuve allí.

  4. Mankel New Member

    Muchísimas gracias a los dos

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