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J'aimerais traduire de manière de contextuelle la phrase suivante: "Les Facteurs Indicatifs pour la réalisation du Projet"

This was one of the headings in a document. It's a point in the powerpoint presentation of a project for the Construction of a New Railway line in Senegal.

J'ai tenté en disant: "The Provoking Factors for the realization of the Project"

Vos suggestions sont les bienvenues.

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    Incitatif (dans le titre) ou indicatif (dans le poste) ? And what does it mean, in your opinion, based on the information in the document itself?

    MJ BJB

    French - D.R.Congo
    "Les Facteurs Incitatifs"
    Pardonnez cette erreur. Je vous remercie pour votre aide.

    I just read further into the presentation to discover that the motives of the project are listed under the heading "Les Facteurs Incitatifs". They seem to be listing the reasons why they decided to implement the project.

    I think I should go for "Motivating Factors" for my translation.
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