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    Hola a todos!

    Conoce alguien el significado de "factorize against" en el siguiente contexto:
    Accurately weigh into a 100 ml volumentric flask about 50 mg de BAC solution, factorized against the reference standard.

    El tema está relacionado con la cromatografía líquida.

    Gracias de antemano!
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    I agree that the original text is badly written. I suspect that "factor" in this case refers to a calibration process for the chromatograph:
    In this case I suspect that "factorized against" means that the "reference standard" is to be used to calculate the "response factor" of the test solution.
    However, that is a guess.
    If there is any way to clarify the English meaning of the original text it would be worthwhile to do so.

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