facturation à l'euro près


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Bonjour à tous

Je sèche sur une traduction.

En français on dirait : les taxes, retenues à la source, etc.. seront facturées à l'euro l'euro (en l'occurrence la british pound!!)

Comment diriez-vous cela en anglais ?

Merci beaucoup aux contributeurs!
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    British English
    "euro for euro"?

    (Not that I understand the sentence: how can a tax "retenu à la source" be "facturée"? Perhaps the "..." explains. And "la Britsh pound" seems odd.)


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    Français (CH), AE (California)
    There is some confusion somewhere.

    The title says
    à l'euro près, whereas the thread text says à l'euro l'euro. :confused:
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    "Facturées à l'euro l'euro" would be something like "invoiced at cost". Some disbursements/expenses can be recharged/passed back to the client without any additional margin/taxes/added value. Grossly generalising, any number invoiced to a client should have VAT/TVA slapped on top, and this is an exception. The magic phrase in French is "à l'euro l'euro" and I think the BE equivalent is "at cost". So, the original sentence would be something like "withheld taxes will be invoiced at cost".