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I believe that, just like in the Spanish translation, the most common translation in English of this Portuguese word is “optional” and then “facultative” if we want to go up the register. I just don’t see doctor, physician or anything immediately related to them as an adjective.
Now, as a noun Portuguese from Portugal may use it to refer to a doctor or physician but in Brazilian Portuguese I never heard it.
Thank you for looking into this.
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    Thanks for this report, and sorry for my very late response.

    It's correct that facultativo is an adjective with the senses that you mentioned.
    But the Dicionário Houaiss da Língua Portuguesa also attests a nominal sense: um facultativo, "um indivíduo que exerce legalemente a medicina; um médico". I imagine it's pretty rare.
    This dictionary entry is just a stub at present, but it will be tidied up soon, and distinction will be made between different senses and different word classes.